Founded by Milton Weiner in 1975,

Adam Industrial Maintenance and Supply Company, Inc. was originally created to offer essential cleaning products and supplies to businesses located within the southern New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia region. Seeing an opportunity to expand and diversify, the company later evolved into a full-service janitorial service provider offering a myriad of services to those same facilities.

Today Adam Industrial sells and services cleaning equipment such as automated floor maintenance machines, pressure and steam cleaners, vacuums and more. They have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers of high-quality cleaning machinery, chemicals, supplies and accessories. They aim to continually add more innovative offerings for discerning clients whose main objective is to restore and maintain facilities of all kinds cost-effectively.

Continuing their tradition as a family owned and operated business, Milton’s sons, Rick and Adam Weiner, have worked to continually diversify their offerings. Today, the organization’s outreach goes far beyond their original serving area via their website, Their high degree of experience in the world of facility maintenance is shared with all their clients with each transaction.

The owners realize that while there are countless companies across the web that sell discounted cleaning supplies, few can offer their customers the practical guidance needed to successfully tackle many cleaning challenges. In order to differentiate themselves from the masses they provide professional-grade products, transparent pricing, diligent customer service and sound advice on how to achieve great results.

With over 35 years in business, Adam Industrial has the know-how to take care of all your cleaning and maintenance needs so that you can focus on the job of running your business.

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